City and Guilds NVQ


City and Guilds NVQ

City and Guilds NVQ

TUTIS – SHE KNOWS has provided health and safety NVQ’s for people with a career in health and safety since they were introduced.

Our qualified health and safety tutors use their experience to help you fulfill the requirements of your chosen NVQ and complete your qualification. Take your City & Guilds qualification with TUTIS – SHE KNOWS and you can expect the highest level of learning support

An NVQ is a qualification that is based on nationally agreed standards and recognises the competence of a person in a work situation. They give people credit for what they do in their job role on a day to day basis, unlike traditional qualifications that rely on teaching and examinations.

  • Available without need for prior qualifications.
  • Free from prescribed ways of learning.
  • Based on nationally recognised standards of competence.
  • After your initial induction/assessment workshop no structured classroom session is required – it is essentially a distance learning approach.
  • No awarding body enrolment dates to work to – you can start when you like.
  • No end of course examinations to work to – you can finish as soon as you are ready.
  • Uses assessment of the outcomes of learning. You demonstrate that you have put the various health and safety topics you have learnt into practice.
  • You cannot fail an NVQ, if your work is not complete enough to meet the criteria it can be done again and re-submitted.


Unlike health and safety training courses and qualifications that rely on teaching and examinations, a health and safety NVQ uses a person’s performance in their job role as a basis for assessment and recognises their competence in a real work situation. Health and safety NVQs are work-based and involve the collection of evidence from your normal day to day activities. Assessment methods can include:

  • Direct observation
  • Documentary and other product-based evidence
  • Performance of activities in the workplace
  • Personal report by the candidate endorsed by colleagues.
  • Witness testimony

’Competent’ is defined within NVQs as: “The ability to perform to the standards required in employment across a range of circumstances and to meet changing demands”.

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