The ASP – Associate Safety Professionals (often called CSP Safety Fundamentals exam) is the first test required in the two-test process of becoming a CSP. The five hour computer delivered test consists of 200 questions designed to measure the academic knowledge expected of the entry-level safety professional.

This workshop will prepare you for the Board of Certified Safety Professionals’ Safety Fundamentals Examination, which leads to the ASP designation. You will review more than 600 problems addressing the complete examination blueprint. At the completion of the ASP prep workshop participants will learn to:

  •  Determine whether you are ready to attend the Safety Fundamental Examination
  •  Identify areas where additional preparation is needed
  •  Design an individual study plan that ensures exam success
  •  Obtain answers to questions about core exam materials
  •  Become familiar with resources available to prepare for the exam
  •  Utilize information about certification requirements and scoring procedures in your test preparation
  •  Review content material utilizing a testing format


  •  Calculator
  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Physics
  • Probability
  • Statistics
  • SH&E engineering
  • SH&E management
  • SH&E information management
  • SH&E communication
  • Professional conduct and ethics